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The Cornwall Family Pedometer Challenge was one of the outstanding projects granted the London 2012 Inspire mark, the badge of the London 2012 Inspire programme which recognised exceptional and innovative projects inspired by the 2012 Games. We are therefore proud to be granted permission to use the legacy Inspired By Mark... 

Download notes about getting started on the Pedometer Challenge website.


It can be argued that Christmas Day is by far the most fattening day of the festivities. Some people wait for the festive period to have a 'complete blow-out' - consuming anywhere up to 8,000 calories - that is more than triple a man's daily 2,500 calorie intake and four times a woman’s 2,000 daily limit. Click here for more information and calorie breakdown.

Sign up, add your team to this new league and see who can walk off your Christmas Dinner this year! 

In total our 452 members have walked 26,057,058 steps or 11,844 miles!

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Family and school teams as well as individuals in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly can join the challenge and record progress. You need to register - click 'sign up now'! Complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email, be sure to click the verification link to be able to access the full website content and set up a team.

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Share the challenge by signing up your family or class to form a team. Teams can be families, school teams or what we've called 'Others' (imaginative!). These could be School Club members, teams of Brownies, Badgers or Scouts or those who need an incentive to get together to get active. Teams are easy to manage and can join leagues to 'compete' against other similar groups. Just sign up today and follow the links at the top of the page!


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Fittest families

1.The Smith-Connolleys888 miles
2.Team Plymouth380 miles
3.test 2311 miles
4.The Thorne Family99 miles
5.richards inc86 miles